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The Cults of Voynich City

Voynich City is a 1920s-1930s era city of magic and gods. Cults, in the form of sanctioned ministries, effectively run all aspects of the city. At the center of it all, the Offices of Human Resources dictate which cults are approved, what rituals and rites can be conducted, and determine the allocation of resources toward each ministry.

Stewart Cinn, actuator within the Offices of Human Resources, has more information than most regarding the goings on of the city. So, when odd supernatural events begin attacking the city and those meant to deal with such events are found slacking, he takes it upon himself to figure out what is going on and put an end to it all.

The Cults of Voynich City Chapter List


A Super Powered novel. After the death of his parents, Janus wound up the de facto head of the household. Without a legitimate identity to his name, he must survive, provide for his siblings, and ensure their safety in a world overrun by powered heroes and villains.

Dead Language

A military fiction set in the real world following a group of mercenaries led by an eccentric young lady. They travel around the world, taking on jobs from anyone willing to pay. From criminal organizations wanting a simple delivery of goods to governments wanting less than legal actions taken with plausible deniability.


A story set in a fictional world at a time that parallels the Industrial Revolution of 19th century United Kingdom. Follow Victoria Watt, an aspiring engineer and inventor, as she gets caught up in events that may change the very rules her reality abides by.


A story set in a slightly futuristic world, taking inspiration from the likes of Blade Runner, Deus Ex, and maybe a little Prototype. Characters aren’t really set yet, though Analyst will be a terrible title if Seraphina isn’t the main character.

Analyst Chapter List


Adam Dewey. High school graduate. Brother. Eagle Scout. Tourist. Kidnapped. A deadly game is afoot. Winning doesn’t feel like winning.

Specter Chapter List

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