Collective Thinking

Dyna Graves grew up thinking she was special. An exception to the average. Not necessarily above her peers, but simply outside their context. However, toward the end of her high school life, she started to realize that nobody was really special. At least not in any fantastical way.

Just as she started trying to figure out what she wanted to do with the rest of her life, she got an invitation. A psychic institute scoped her out, realized her psychic potential, and asked if she would undergo psionic training at the Carroll Institute.

Almost immediately, Dyna realized that she wasn’t quite up to the same level as many of her peers. Surrounded by clairvoyants and mind readers displaying obvious abilities made her own lack of ability all the more apparent.

That was, up until the researchers and scientists of the facility realized that there was a bit more to Dyna Graves than met the eye. After an explosive incident during what should have been a routine experiment, Dyna quickly found herself wrapped up in a world of cutthroat espionage.

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Other Stories

I’ve been writing stories on the internet since 2015. I started out with long web serials that I published using WordPress and RoyalRoad. Here you can find other stories I’ve written.

Vacant Throne

Alyssa Meadows, a worker at a local home improvement store, returns home one evening to her home invaded by burglars. A bad night gets worse when, after accidentally killing one, an angel appears before her and tells her she is destined to die. Alyssa takes exception to that and saves herself, only to find out that angels don’t like destiny being messed with. She finds herself shunted off to an alternate world filled with magic and monsters to preserve Earth’s future.

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Void Domain

Brakket Magical Academy in Northwestern United States is on its last legs. Enrollment of new students is at an all time low. The academy instructors go out to recruit prospective children other magical academies have ignored.

Eva is one such recruit. After witnessing her perform magic no teenage mage should have learned, an instructor of the academy offers her a full ride scholarship. Eva does not turn down the opportunity to learn magic in a proper capacity and quickly ships out to Montana.

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Tower Curator’s Ideas is not a story of its own, but rather a collection of snippets, ideas, short-stories, and other writings that I have started and either decided not to pursue or may pursue at some point in the future.





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About me

I am Tower Curator. I started writing in 2015 and have published a number of works in a web serial format. I’ll probably type more text here later. Also, please ignore images that look like placeholders. I’m slowly replacing them.

I do have a Twitter that you can follow if you wish. It is mostly story updates, but I do occasionally tweet other notes and fan art. It is also one of the better ways to get into direct contact with me. Feel free to direct message me!