January 2022 Update


Collective Thinking

Dyna Graves grew up thinking she was special. An exception to the average. Not necessarily above her peers, but simply outside their context. However, toward the end of her high school life, she started to realize that nobody was really special. At least not in any fantastical way.

Just as she started trying to figure out what she wanted to do with the rest of her life, she got an invitation. A psychic institute scoped her out, realized her psychic potential, and asked if she would undergo psionic training at the Carroll Institute.

Almost immediately, Dyna realized that she wasn’t quite up to the same level as many of her peers. Surrounded by clairvoyants and mind readers displaying obvious abilities made her own lack of ability all the more apparent.

That was, up until the researchers and scientists of the facility realized that there was a bit more to Dyna Graves than met the eye. After an explosive incident during what should have been a routine experiment, Dyna quickly found herself wrapped up in a world of cutthroat espionage.





And this is it! New story, finally. It’s a roughly modern-day story, slight future bent, with no magic. Unless you consider psychics magic, in which case it has a lot of magic. But it is science-themed magic!

As with Vacant Throne and Void Domain, it will update twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays.

The overall length of the story, I think, should be shorter than Void Domain or Vacant Throne. Not sure on the exact length. A lot of the story is still up in the air. But we’ll explore it together.

As mentioned a long time ago with Vacant Throne’s author’s notes and comments, I’m trying to focus on a main character that actually does things rather than gets dragged around. She might not always make the best decisions, but at least she will be making decisions.

There is some commissioned art that will act as the cover for this story, featuring the main character. You might have noticed it above. It also appears on the About Collective Thinking page. It was created by the lovely Zoern, who you can find on Twitter @ZoernArt.

As with Vacant Throne, my Patreon supporters will get early access to chapters. They will be a bit different than VT’s releases, but all that information is on the associated Patreon post for those interested.

Will there still be monthly updates while this is ongoing? Maybe not every month, but if I have news to share, I’ll post a bit. One minor-big notification: The subscribe box below this post is only subscribing you to these news notifications. There is a separate subscribe box below every chapter of Collective Thinking for chapter updates. It’s separate so that people who don’t like one story but might still be interested in future works can choose what to subscribe to.

There is a Top Web Fiction link for people to vote on, though I hope you would read the story to see if you actually like it first. But you can find it at Top Web Fiction – Collective Thinking. It is one of the best ways for new people to discover the story, so when it is up, if you like the story thus far, I would appreciate a vote.

Aside from that, there will be a Royal Road version coming soonish. Probably toward the end of the month. If you prefer to read over there, you’ll have to wait a short bit.

Please Report Any Issues or Bugs with the Website

This is a new website and hasn’t had a full run of a story to break it in. If something doesn’t work, looks wrong, or you think could be better, please let me know. You can comment on many pages and chapters, but can also get into contact with me through the Contact Me page. Feel free to use that contact form for any other reason if you wish! Drop me a line!



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