Alyssa Meadows — Protagonist. Human. A twenty-five year old woman from the American mid-east. She works at a home improvement store and tends to be the one called upon to carry heavy loads around. Spends most of her evenings at the gym. Has many acquaintances, but few actual friends. She still lives at home with her mother and father.


Dominion Tenebrael — Angel? As a Dominion, Tenebrael was given her own world to manage for the Throne. At first, being granted an extra pair of wings seemed like a dream come true, but it quickly became a dull job filled with routine and actual work. She frequently takes vacations to try to get some spice in her existence.

Principality Iosefael — Angel. Principality Iosefael, despite not having the most glamorous of jobs, performs her duties with an earnest care and tries to be honest in all her dealings. She strives to carry out her task of ferrying souls to the Throne with a perfect methodology.

Archangel Adrael — Angel. Archangel Adrael has been charged with the impossible task of returning Nod, Tenebrael’s World, to proper order. Faced with an uncooperative Dominion, Adrael has taken to manipulating the local human population in an effort to reduce Tenebrael’s influence over the world. Feeling utterly overwhelmed by her daunting challenge, she makes frequent returns to the Throne in an attempt to seek guidance from fellow Archangels or to petition the Seraphim to deliver her burden from her hands.

Archangel Celestiel — Angel. The self-appointed leader of a small group of Archangels, Celestiel tries her best to keep her flock’s spirits up. Not the easiest job when all of the Expanse seems to be falling apart around them. She offers advice, companionship, and council to any Archangel who asks.

Archangel Kenziel — Angel. Once a bright and cheerful young Guardian, Kenziel’s being has soured with an excess of cynicism and pride. She views herself as exceedingly adept at her job of restoring order and normalcy to worlds. Of all the Archangels, she is the only one to have completed her task within the past three thousand years. And she didn’t do it just once in that time frame, but twice. However, in the back of her mind, there is always a little whisper asking her what is the point of it all.

Royalty of Lyria

Irulon — Human? The first princess, though seventh in line for the throne after her older brothers. Being seventh in line, she has never harbored aspirations for the crown. Her heart lies in her research of death and possibilities of other worlds, culminating in an obsession regarding what exactly happens when a body ceases its functions. While she always presents herself with a smile in public, her eyes hide a subversive personality.

Tess — Human. Personal attendant to the first princess, Tess takes care of Irulon’s day-to-day needs. Whether it be food, a bath, or reminders of the day’s schedule, Tess is always there to give her liege what she needs. Born in a simple farming community, Tess’ life nearly came to an end during a monster attack. She ended up the sole survivor of her small village after Irulon saved her. She has remained a loyal servant ever since.

Brakkt — Human? The Second Prince, also known as the Black Prince. Brakkt is a warrior and an adventurer, frequently leaving Lyria to travel the world. His reputation has declined in recent years, earning him his nom-de-guerre, thanks to several encounters with monsters where he did not act as a human ought. The most visible incident was him saving a clan of draken and bringing them back to Lyria to live. Has a fascination with scaled beings, such as draken and dragons.

Octavia — Human. The second princess, eighth in line for the throne. With seven being considered a significant number in Lyrian society, Octavia has been relegated to a place of unimportance along with her younger siblings. Seven older siblings meant little chance of ascending to the throne even should a few of them succumb to illness or strife. This never sat well with her, resulting in Octavia seeking out attention in increasingly dangerous manners.

The Pharaoh — Human? Real name: Tozhor. The current ruler of Lyria and its associated cities. Whether it be famine, war, or pestilence, he is responsible for the well-being of the entire land. Although slow to use a heavy hand, as one of only three Rank Six arcanists in the city of Lyria, when he does act, it is with force. Looks far younger than he actually is, perhaps thanks to his usage of Time magic.

City Guard

Oxart — Human. Captain of the Northgate Guard. Captain Oxart tolerates no nonsense. Lyria’s northern wall is the most dangerous duty for a city guardsman. It borders the desert. A no-man’s land between Lyria and the heretical Juno Federation filled with all sorts of unsavory monsters. She takes her job seriously in order to protect both the city and her men. The second child of House Xelitu.

Decorous — Human. Guard Captain. An ambitious nobleman of House Yora, Decorous rapidly rose through the ranks of the city guard, eventually reaching the prestigious position of Captain of the Eastgate Guard. Most men under his command would describe him as a bit hard to relate with, even for other noblemen within the guard. He tends to see himself as above most of his peers, and far above those of a lower station. Harbors distaste for the royal family.

Ipo — Human. Guardsman. A well-liked senior guard. At one point in time, he had high aspirations of becoming a captain in his own right. Unfortunately, the paperwork involved in the job requires a high literacy, something that he does not possess. Realizing that, even if he did spend all his pay on learning how to write at the level required, he likely wouldn’t take the job away from some noble’s third son, he decided to spend most of his funds on good old ale instead.

Knights Solaris

Tzheitza — Human. Potioneer. Once counted among the top agents of the Knights Solaris, Tzheitza wound up retiring. She claims that it was due to simple old age, but no one who sees the imposing figure she cuts would believe for a minute that old age has touched more than her hair. Those with their ears to the ground or who take the time to get to know her might realize that the downfall of her old team led to her current state. She now crafts potions for the city guard, the guild, and anyone else who asks. All while trying to keep her eyes and ears closed to the types of problems she once solved in the guild.

Ozheim — Human. Swordsman. A young man who has made something of a name for himself. He is a capable warrior, though prone to exaggerations. How much of his success is due to him versus how much is due to his team is a frequent topic of vigorous debate over a flagon of ale.

Laria — Human. Scribe for the Knights Solaris and aide-de-camp to Prilo, the leader of the guild. No one among the Knights Solaris knows more of what is going on than Laria. She is the primary receiver of all requests going into the guild and knows absolutely everyone who is anyone. Even matters that don’t concern the guild in the slightest make their way across her desk.

Prilo —Human. Leader of the Knights Solaris. In his prime, Prilo was once one of the most well respected Royal Knights. He answered to no one but the pharaoh of the time. However, he was well aware of the problems that plagued the common folk, having come from such a background himself. Problems that official soldiers either couldn’t or weren’t willing to take on, such as minor monster infestations too small to warrant a full company deployment. So he broke off and started the guild. Originally, it was just him and a few of his friends, operating as a team for paltry sums. But the idea grew and spread, not only recruiting members to the Knights Solaris, but causing copy-cat guilds to pop up. Now, in his advanced age, Prilo is content to watch his legacy gain a life of its own.

Lumen — Human. Arcanist, Rank Five. A noble from a well off family, she loathed the stifling environment she grew up in. Being sent to The Royal Observatorium of Demonic, Divine, and Miraculous Phenomena was a dream come true. It got her out from under her parents thumbs and on their dime, no less. She quickly gained prestige due to her advanced abilities in magic. Eventually joined up with the guild, further rebelling from her parents tight control, and wound up joining with Oz’s party. Despite her distaste for her parent’s controlling pestering, she maintains a haughty attitude and general distaste for the unwashed masses.

Catal — Human. An easygoing man who first came to the Lyrian area from south of the Fortress of Pandora. He traveled the world with his sister after their parents died, selling his skills with a hammer and knowledge of a great many monsters to get by. He eventually took up a semi-permanent residence within the city of Lyria upon his sister’s request, her having grown tired of a life without a permanent home. Now sells his services to the guild.

People of Illuna

Martin — Human. Nominal leader of the city of Illuna. Technically speaking, he has abdicated his position to his son. However, with his son spending a good deal of time in Lyria, he continues to lead the city. Martin is generally easygoing and good natured. However, when something threatens his people, he will take whatever steps are necessary to keep them safe.

Volta — Doppelganger. Able to change how others perceive her, Volta runs a double-life. On one side, she acts as a leader to a small group of monsters living in an oasis not far from the city of Illuna. Taking the guise of a young arcanist from Lyria, she has infiltrated Illuna and serves as Martin’s court arcanist to advise and subtly direct attention away from her oasis. Volta believes that humans and monsters could live alongside each other peacefully, but only under perfect circumstances. If anyone can create those circumstances, it would be Martin.

Rokien — Minotaur. Together with Fezzik, Rokien reluctantly acts as the leader of the displaced group of monsters that have come to Illuna seeking shelter and food. Although his size and statue intimidate many, he is fairly gentle in nature, willing to sacrifice himself for the good of his fellow monsters.

Fezzik — Cyclops. Together with Rokien, Fezzik reluctantly acts as the leader of the displaced group of monsters. He is more tempermental than his counterpart and quicker to anger, but forces himself to suppress it to avoid alienating the humans. He is more than happy to leave the leadership duties to Rokien and work as a guard for the city of Illuna, preferring the less stressful job of putting his life on the line should anything assault the walls of the city.

Iona — Gremlin. Young and curious, Iona views the city of Illuna as a place of adventure. Sneaking into the city ended up with him caught up in some trouble, but that trouble turned into the opportunity to interact with the humans on a more personal level.

Waters Street

The Taker — Human. Tommik, a former and well respected member of the Knights Solaris. Betraying his former comrades, he jumped ship to the Waters Street gang, now working as their primary troubleshooter. The whys of his betrayal and departure from the guild are a frequent tavern topic to those who know about his former life. Some think the plague got to him, leaving him less than human. Some think he snapped, liking the killing and the blood a little too much. Some just think that Waters Street offered enough to satiate his greed. All they know for certain is that they do not want to encounter him in an alley at night.

Cid — Human. A man who cares for one thing. Himself. Beginning life as the child of a farmer, he always knew he wasn’t meant for the fields. After his parents died, he wound up selling his younger sister to Waters Street, joining the gang in the process. Unfortunately for him, he has garnered a reputation as being untrustworthy, hampering his efforts at rising within the organization.

Bacco — Human. A giant of a man who works for Waters Street as a pickpocket and bodyguard to Cid. When a man four times your size lifts your purse, you don’t often argue even when you notice. He has a distaste for violence, using his imposing presence to his advantage at avoiding direct conflict. Unable to make ends meet in honest work due to inherent clumsiness, he found himself recruited by Cid to use his size as a diversion and intimidation tactic.

Svotty — Human. Manager of the Waters Street Waterhole, the origin point of the gang of the same name. He enjoyed a lascivious lifestyle filled with all manner of vices.


Kasita — Monster. Mimic. Though she typically presents herself as an elegant, kind, and charming individual, Kasita harbors… strong feelings toward those who she identifies as her kin. While she doesn’t flat out hate all humans, she recognizes that humans despise her species and tends to not give others the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately for her, she can’t act on her more violent tendencies due to the physical weakness inherent in her species.

Fela — Monster. Hellhound. Once an easygoing member of a small nomadic tribe, Fela’s entire family, along with the rest of her community, was brutally slaughtered by the Society of the Burning Shadow. Instead of meeting her family’s fate, Fela was captured and imprisoned, used in experiments. One particular member of the Society took an interest in exorcising the ‘hell’ out of her. Now freed, knowing she cannot return to how things were before, she seeks companionship and a place to belong.

Companion — Monster. Dragon (formerly). Originally a dragon, the being now known as Companion has had quite the journey. After falling ill, Brakkt came across it and offered it a solution. His sister, interested in researching death and souls, plucked its soul from its dying body and placed it within herself. A mortal body is, unfortunately, not meant to contain two souls, necessitating their separation. Now possessing its own more humanoid body, Companion wanders the world with ambition it never could have fulfilled in the hibernating body of a dragon or a body controlled by another.

Izsha — Monster. Draken. A younger member of a lounge of draken that currently resides within the Lyrian Royal Palace. Izsha and the rest of its lounge were threatened by a predatory pack of bearbugs. Brakkt, the Second Prince, offered sanctuary within the palace. The elders of the lounge agreed. Izsha has become rather accustomed to life among the humans. Shade from the beating of the sun, meals being delivered instead of needing to be hunted by the younger draken, and constant grooming from Brakkt all contribute to its relaxed temperament. The only thing truly missing is some regular exercise.

Guillem — Monster. Elf. An engineer from the elvish kingdom, caught by the humans of Lyria during the previous war and now works as a slave. Her current master has her operating his smithy. She has taken it over to the point where he hardly interacts, leaving her the head blacksmith. Wild and eccentric, she is obsessed with the intricacies of machines and technology while despising creations made purely for decorative purposes.

Enrique — Monster. Elf. Enrique is a druid, an oddity among elves. She finds herself more at home with nature than with the rhythmic thumping of her people’s machines. She is extremely kindhearted and dislikes violence toward any living thing, plant, animal, monster, and even human.

Pho — Monster. Honey bee. Honey bees are extremely social creatures. Being isolated from her kind and used at the Waterhole has taken its toll on Pho. She developed a close bond with Kasita who would often change her form to appear as a fellow bee. However, knowing that it was all fake sat heavy in the back of Pho’s mind. Finally free, she seeks to return to her true people and rejoin the hive.

Rizk — Monster. Salamander. Once a strong and proud warrior of her people, she was a defender of her tribe. Until a gang of poachers destroyed her village and killed most of her fellow lizards. She was captured, beaten, and eventually broken by human hands. Little more than a shell of her former self, her thoughts and desires are unknowable.


Chris Altrac — Human. Earthling. Formerly a part of the United States Marine Corps. Chris got involved in shady business while on an overseas tour, stealing essential radio components to sell on the black market. His crimes went unnoticed for the most part until he wound up deserting his company in the middle of a firefight. Caught and court martialed, he wound up in prison where he became increasingly paranoid of the United States government. Upon being released, he wound up on the streets, disowned by his family.

Jason Stiles — Human. Earthling. A programmer in a dead-end job. He has an extreme fascination with fantasy, especially in the form of anime and video games. It is his escape from his monotonous reality. Perhaps because of his fascination, he is prone to an overactive imagination. A large portion of his idle time is spent imagining exact situations and conversations that will never happen in real life.

Lisa Meadows — Human. Earthling. Alyssa’s mother. Formerly a Colonel in the United States Army, she has achieved several decorations in her time. Served active duty in Bosnia, Afganistan, and Kuwait. Trained the local police force following democratic elections in Afganistan. Eventually, she retired and took on a new, far less stressful job closer to home as a bank security guard. Religious. Perhaps due to her frequent and extended journeys overseas, she has a somewhat distant relationship with her children.


Lazhar — Human. A joyous and rotund man who leads the Teneville village. Because the village population only numbers around one to two hundred people, he wears multiple hats. Sometimes he is a priest, sometimes the mayor, sometimes the brewmaster. He carries out his tasks with a smile on his face.

Yzhemal — Human. Brother to Lazhar, he tends to be more cynical about life. He heads the inn, cooks food, and tends to animals. Though cynical, he tries to not let it show while customers are around. Outside of festival times, Yzhemal’s inn tends to be empty. He often travels to nearby villages and even the great city of Lyria to purchase things that cannot be found in the small village.

Aziz — Human. A pilgrim who came to Teneville for the festival after being kicked out of his magic school and disowned by his father for his inability to cast even the simplest magic spells.

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