The Stars Begin to Shift

Ancient legends tell of a time where magic was plentiful, gods walked alongside mortals, and monsters lurked in every shadow. A time of romance and a time of war. A time where empires stretched to the skies.

Arkk lives in far more mundane times. Residing within an obscure village in the middle of nowhere, he spends his days farming, hunting, and talking with anyone who happens to pass through, eagerly devouring as many wondrous stories as he can. His most adventurous days involve practicing magic, much to the chagrin of anyone in the vicinity. Poor and unskilled, only in his wildest dreams did he imagine leaving his small village.

While hunting with his childhood friend, they stumble across a band of raiders preparing to attack their village. Desperate to return in time to warn the other villagers, Arkk takes a shortcut through the Cursed Forest where nothing grows and nothing lives. Arkk had no reason to believe otherwise until he stumbles across ruins from an age long past and the monster hailing from the olden days.

A bargain is made. A deal is struck. Arkk didn’t understand the ramifications of his agreement or the enemies it would create. Nevertheless, he has always been one to take advantage of every opportunity. The ruins he found represent the opportunity of a lifetime.

The Heart of Fortress Al-Mir Beats Once More

Fortress Al-Mir Cover

Art by Geraldo Prado