Hello and welcome to Towercurator.com

Welcome to a new site just for me! Tower Curator!

Hopefully, this single domain will be far more convenient both for me as well as everyone who comes to read things. It can be a single point of contact where I can post updates regarding stories or whatever else my need updating. There isn’t currently a button you can press to get email notifications, but I am looking into such things.

The ideal would be individual subscription buttons for every story and one for this page as well. Only active stories would have mailing lists. Old stories would probably get a single notification about a new story before obliterating itself. That way, if you decide you don’t like a story, you can unsubscribe from it while still remaining subscribed to this update notification for future stories that might interest you.

Such a feature should be available now. Right at the bottom of this post. If you don’t see it there, you’re probably not viewing the post in full. That can be corrected by clicking Hello and Welcome.

There should also be a subscription forum in Ideas. Just underneath every page. Vacant Throne and Void Domain shouldn’t ever get updates since the stories are complete, so there is no subscription area in either area.

Otherwise, if you need a live update about when such a thing will be ready, I will certainly make a note on my Twitter.

we have fancy info bubbles

Honestly, regular old plain text is my style. These kinds of things will be sparingly used at best. Or never seen outside the main areas.

Old Stories

Both Vacant Throne and Void Domain are here on this site and can be found on the main page. All stories should hopefully be in their own subdirectory. /vacant-throne/ and /void-domain/ for example.

Future Updates

I’m going to try for monthly updates here on this update page, but generally only when there isn’t an ongoing story. Hopefully, those updates will involve new stories, status reports, and upcoming content.

However, I plan to post updates even if there isn’t much to talk about. Maybe I’ll talk about the whether. Maybe I’ll throw something up on Ideas (a renamed ‘preview site’ if you were a follower of that content) that I wrote a long time ago if I have absolutely nothing else to post.

What i am working on now

I’m still getting all my ducks in a row on this site, but I’ve archived all my old WordPress sites and any new comments over there will not make their way here, so I’m actually revealing this place a little earlier than I originally planned on.

But I did recently post two story tests over on my Patreon. One, with the tentative title of Biopunk Prison, is a far-future science fiction story that takes place in a prison run by the inmates. The main character, although proclaiming innocence, is a bit of a complete and total psychopath who has a major fixation with fixing things she perceives as broken. The other story, aptly working-titled as Psychic Institute, takes place in an institute for psychics in the modern day. The main character is an absolute failure as a traditional psychic, unable to even guess one out of fifty correct cards in a Zener Test.

If you are not subscribed, don’t worry, it is a free post and both projects will be making their way to Ideas soonish (As soon as I finish the second part of each. Would have had them finished by the end of November, but then I went and did this website thing and it has taken a lot of time). The post also contains a bit of information on where I’ve been for the entire rest of this year. The long and short of it is that I was repeatedly writing garbage and then scrapping it. Very frustrating, but at the same time, maybe I learned something from it. Hope I did, anyway. I certainly learned how to best improve my actual writing process. I remember writing Void Domain and having to struggle to put down a thousand words in eight hours. Now I’m writing entire chapters in four hours. I just hope they’re… you know, decent chapters.

Anyway, that’s all for today. Enjoy yourselves out there.


P.S. Please ignore any images on the site that don’t look good. They’re hopefully placeholder images. Mostly the TC Logo image on the main page. I MS Painted that in about five seconds. It isn’t permanent. I’m not even sure if I want to commission anything based on that design just yet.

Emails for New Updates

Every time a new update is released, you'll get a notification by email. Emails contain unsubscribe links if you wish to be removed from the update list.

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