Here we have a cast of characters. This page can and will contain spoilers. If you are not caught up to reading, I suggest returning to the Index.

The chapter listed next to the character’s name is the chapter they were introduced in. The format is book.chapter.

Main Characters

Evaleen Spencer (001.001)
Eva started out thirteen years old. A budding blood mage and demon summoner who enrolled at Brakket Magical Academy. Doesn’t like her full first name or her last name, choosing to go merely by ‘Eva’. Her grasp of thaumaturgy is tenuous at best, though much of that is directly related to the modifications to her body.

She was born in Florida. When she was six, she ran away from home and was assaulted by a group of drunkards a few days into her exile. She was saved by Devon Foster, her master and/or mentor. In exchange for her being saved, she agreed to participate in his experiments.

Arachne (001.003)
Demon. Originally recruited by Devon in his demon-human hybridization experiments. She is the donor subject in Devon’s experiments. Arachne is the Arachne of Greek mythology, the one who challenged the gods to a weaving contest. She won of course. Ever the jealous type, the gods cast her down to Hell, turning her into a demon in the process.

Juliana Laura Rivas (001.007)
A student who lives in dorm three-thirteen. She grew up listening to her parents’ stories of adventure and always wanted a story of her own. To help protect herself from the adventures she so seeks, her mother taught her way more magic than any student her age has any right knowing. That she can actually use that magic speaks volumes of her natural abilities. Also a bit of a miser, if she can smell a profit then she will make one. Daughter of Genoa and Carlos Rivas.

Zoe Baxter (001.001)
The stern teacher of magical theory at Brakket Academy. Only twenty-five and has been teaching for five years. Immediately out of school, Zoe applied to the Guild where she met Genoa Rivas. Circumstances changed her mind within a year and Zoe applied for a vacant teaching position at Brakket.

Very young for her position in the school as well as her competency in magic. She is a class one air mage and class two fire mage, having taken her fire class two exam in spring of first book. Though events surrounding Brakket have become somewhat hectic, she is fully dedicated to achieving class one in fire magic in record time.

She is the one who recruited Eva for Brakket Academy.

Shalise Ward (001.012)
Roommate of Eva and Juliana. She has a cheerful and kind personality. Grew up in a group home with three other children. Never knew she had magical talent before enrolling at Brakket and was initially apprehensive of joining the magical society, but agreed after Zoe promised to donate a considerable sum to the group home she left behind.

Devon Foster (001.003)
Eva’s mentor. An older-middle aged self-proclaimed demonologist. He gets somewhat upset when referred to as a diablerist, having closed that chapter of his life long ago. Was once part of a cult, now gets by on odd jobs of less than scrupulous nature.

His life’s work is research into a demon-human hybrid. Eva is the ongoing experiment. When he rescued her, he recognized her magical potential and relative ignorance. To his surprise, Eva did not need any of the excuses he had been planning to get her to agree to his experiments.

Eva is aware that if she had no magical aptitude, she wouldn’t have been rescued. Is somewhat fond of him nonetheless.

Wayne Lurcher (001.001)
A gruff and burly man who teaches alchemy at Brakket. He is getting on with age, though is by no means old by mage standards. While he tends to avoid talking about his past, something clearly went on in his life. Wayne is knowledgeable about several types of magic that are not considered any part of thaumaturgy.

He met Zoe during the Lansing Incident just before Zoe started school around fifteen years prior to Eva enrolling at Brakket. Initially viewed as a father-figure to her, Wayne is grateful that they have grown past that. He maintains a professional working relationship and friendship with Zoe as colleagues.

Brakket Academy Staff

Martina Turner (001.028)
Dean at Brakket Magical Academy. She replaced Dean Halsey and fired Richard Orgell. Far younger than the former dean. Martina Turner intends to bring Brakket back to prominence among its peers in the American magical schools.

She is responsible for hiring on Catherine, Zagan, and the security force.

Catherine Vauce (002.014)
Secretary to Martina Turner at Brakket Magical Academy. Hired to replace Richard Orgell. Demon. Succubus. Though she doesn’t have many complaints about her current position or life under Martina Turner, Catherine would never say as much. Her favorite pastime is to see just how far she can get in annoying Martina without being directly punished for the act.

Rex Zagan (002.005)
Teacher for Brakket combat classes. A man who has come to Brakket on request from Martina Turner. Demon. He started teaching a combat course during Eva’s second year. He is a written down as a class one fire mage, though he merely uses his abilities to mimic thaumaturgy.

He is less than impressed with Brakket, Martina, or the rest of the mortals around. Zagan uses them as distractions while carrying out his search for the truth.

Alexander Anderson (003.027)
A governor on the school board. Father of Jordan Anderson. His family has been mages for generations upon generations. Being the heir of his father’s knowledge, political power, and magical artifacts has given him considerable sway among his peers.

Yuria Moran (001.014)
Instructor for general magic and elemental magic. A young witch who insists on being called Yuria by her students. She is a class two water mage. Pairs with Isaac for any fire magic instruction.

Isaac Calvin (001.014)
Instructor for general magic and elemental magic. Professor Calvin is a class one fire mage. Two teachers are required for elemental magic due to thaumaturgy locking out one element. He provides the fire and air courses while Yuria handles the water and earth.

Bradley Twillie (001.014)
Instructor for magical creatures. A nervous middle-aged man who likes animals more than people. He hasn’t taken any elemental qualification exams and has no plans to. His primary element is water.

Franklin Kines (001.014)
Instructor for botany. He is a class three earth mage. Professor Kines once ran a combat oriented extracurricular class until Dean Halsey shut it down. He is somewhat bitter about Zoe Baxter being allowed to continue her seminar.

Alari Carr (001.014)
Instructor for history. She has a passion for her subject and often suffers bouts of depression when all the students find every other class more interesting. Especially botany. She is a class three air mage.

Brier Price (002.002)
Instructor for golemancy. Keeps close tabs on nonmagical AI research. She finds it fascinating and has offered her own contributions to the scientific field. A class three earth mage.

Chelsea Lepus (002.011)
Instructor for warding. A class one air mage. She looks to be in her mid-twenties. Was a mage knight in her youth. She claims to have defeated a powerful time mage and took his powers. Time magic is thought to be a hoax, but rumors around the academy say that she hasn’t aged a day in her twenty-three years of teaching.

Dean Rebbecca Halsey (001.008)
Former dean of Brakket. A kindhearted older woman who became a bit of a laughing-stock as her school’s rankings plummet. Enjoys peace, reading a nice book, and moonlit walks on the beach. She’s available.

Secretary Richard Orgell (001.008)
Former secretary to Rebbecca Halsey. A stiff man. He has various medical issues that even magic has been unable to solve.

Lisa Naranga (001.023)
Nurse for the Rickenbacker medical center. She has been friends with Zoe Baxter since their school days together. As such, she is willing to look past a lot for her. Lisa is a class three water mage, but expert potion brewer.

Eirin East (003.005)
Nurse for the Gillet medical center. An elderly nurse complete with white hair and a short white beard. Eirin East is mentioned in medical journals dating back several centuries leading some to assume he is actually that old, though he claims the name was merely passed down. Runs a trading card club for the students when not attending to his medical duties.

Laura Post (002.005)
Head nurse of Brakket Academy. Can cure anything so long as the patient is alive. Or so she claims. Technically a doctor in both mundane and magical sectors, Laura is titled a nurse solely due to Brakket’s naming conventions. Her missing eye and a few scars speak of a less sterile history.

David Sunji (001.023)
Librarian for the Rickenbacker library. He manages the small library that occupies a good quarter of the first floor. He frequently gets together with the librarian from the Gillet dorms for drinks. He might fancy her, but is far to shy to ever say so. On occasion, they will invite the two librarians from the main building.

Ed Bookman (003.017)
Substitute. Filling in for Wayne Lurcher during his extended absence in Book 003. An elderly man that has a jovial outlook on most everything in life. He loves to laugh and enjoys tea parties. A toymaker in the downtime between substitute jobs.

Eleanore Lorre (003.018)
Security. Mage-knight. Elanore graduated from Brakket Academy a year before Eva’s admittance. She was top of her class and went straight to the Guild to apply for a mage-knight pin. As a happy coincidence, her first job since receiving the pin is as security for her alma mater.

Fredrick Hatter (003.018)
Security. Mage-knight. Longs to be taken seriously by his peers. Fredrick was a massive prankster in school. In the small community of magical people, word of his reputation reaches far. He started wearing square glasses and keeping his hair short as a drastic alteration to his old persona. Avoids speaking because he is worried all he’ll say is another joke.

Gregory Lavero (003.018)
Security. Mage-knight. Nearing retirement, Gregory decided to take on the security job at Brakket because his son will be starting school soon. He dislikes the idea that it would be an unsafe place. Is seriously considering sending his son to a different school.

Daenir (003.018)
Security. Elf. Like many elven youth, Daenir is dissatisfied with the current place of his people. He branched out to look for something that did not involve healing, herb growing, and passivity.

Brakket Academy Students

Jordan Anderson (001.007)
He attends school in the same year as Eva. Has a strong desire to learn about all kinds of magic. Son of Alex and Lydia Anderson, two politicians in the magical government.

Irene Coggins (001.007)
A childhood friend of Jordan. Mostly wants an easy life. She considers herself the smarter of the twins and is happy to show it.

Shelby Coggins (001.007)
Twin sister with Irene, despite the physical difference. Not as good a friend with Jordan as she’d like to be. She works hard to rectify that.

Maximilian Weston (001.007)
Youngest of three Weston brothers and the only one with magical ability. Attempts to show off to earn praise from his brothers. Sadly he isn’t very good at magic. Met Jordan and Irene while shopping for school supplies and latched himself onto their group.

Desdemona (003.002)
Student. One year below Eva. Recruited by Zoe Baxter. A seemingly happy girl covered in stitches and scars. Gets very unhappy if she feels she is being made fun of.

Hugo Smith (003.002)
Student. One year below Eva. Recruited by Zoe Baxter. Des’ only childhood friend. He tends to walk around with a blank look and is easily distracted.

Harry Burnside (001.009)
Student in his fourth year. A fire mage who relied too heavily on a single attack and was lambasted by Zoe in a mock duel. Has apparently been knocked on his back in every mock duel they’ve dueled.

Tony Burnside (001.009)
Younger brother of Harry. Only member of the Burnside family to be a water mage. No one is sure if that is a good thing or not.

Timothy Dewey (001.014)
A student in Eva’s year. He fashions himself as one of the smarter students.

Jason Bradley (001.017)
A student in Eva’s year. He thinks he is some sort of class clown. Not many others think that. Tried to prank Zoe Baxter. Did not survive. Luckily necromancers were in town. He got raised as a zombie and nobody noticed the difference. Not even Jason Bradley.

Benjamin Yeets (E.001)
A student in Eva’s year. He has aspirations for becoming a mage-knight.

Kristina Shallows (002.005)
A student in Eva’s year. One of the two partners of Irene in all classes except for alchemy.

Drew Wilcox (002.005)
A student in Eva’s year. One of the two partners of Irene in all classes except for alchemy.

Susie Bobo (002.017)
Student. Two years above Eva’s year. History fanatic. She and Alari struck up a fairly unlikely friendship, bonding over their love for the past. Was unfortunately scarred by an Elysium Sister’s holy fire during an altercation with the winged bull.

Rachael Davis (E.003)
Student. Three years above Eva. She’s from an old family of mages that can trace their lineage through several centuries. Not that she expects to be treated differently because of that, but it has afforded her knowledge her classmates may lack through family heirlooms and ancient tomes.

Henry Ziranek (E.003)
Student. Three years above Eva. He is fond of enchanting and fancies himself as an inventor in the field. Whether he is actually inventive or simply good a recycling old ideas is up for debate.

Leonard Heath (E.003)
Student. Three years above Eva. Inquisitive in nature but tends towards ‘book answers’ or stating things he believes will give him a higher grade, rather than things he believes for himself.

Peter Mason (001.023)
A student in Eva’s year. Friends with Jason Bradley since before school started. He has started finding Jason’s antics straining his patience.

Cosette Fogle (003.003)
Student. One year above Eva. A student intending to be a professional warder after she graduates. Due to training prior to the start of school, she tested into order magic and warding classes early. Often mentioned to be one of the brightest students in her year, she’s already got a job lined up for her graduation. Has a bow tie collection.

Dale Beans (003.005)
Student. One year below Eva. A red-headed boy who’d never believed in magic before being told he was, in fact, a mage. He grew up on comic books and superheroes. Hopefully he doesn’t try to emulate them.

Randal Hemwick (006.007)
Student. Two years above Eva. Earth mage. The son of an elf and a human, though able to hide most of his elven nature. Resents most of his classmates for needing to hide his heritage, but had made a handful of friends that he grew close enough to tell. He strives for elegance above all in his work.

Residents of Brakket City

Tom Tender (002.005)
Bartender. Good friends with Zoe Baxter thanks to her frequent patronage of his establishment. He is one of the few nonmagical residents of Brakket, though he doesn’t advertise the fact and few know it.

Stephen Toomey VI (001.012)
Owner of the Toomey Tomes bookshop in the town of Brakket. Generally apathetic about the declining situation around the school, he really only cares for his books.

Stephen Toomey VII (003.004)
New owner of the Toomey Tomes bookshop in the town of Brakket. Generally apathetic about the declining situation around the school, he really only cares for his books.

Members of the Elysium Order

Lynn Cross (001.020)
Elysium Sister. Leader of the Charon Chapter of the Elysium Order. She was a convert to the order after her home in South America was destroyed by vampires. She took on a new name and left her daughter in the care of a social worker. Lynn Cross still cares for her daughter and visits her whenever she gets the opportunity.

Nel Stirling (001.026)
Elysium Sister. Augur of the Charon Chapter of the Elysium Order. A newer nun and even newer augur. Since becoming an augur, she has seen things she never wanted to see. Has grown increasingly paranoid over the Elysium Order since her induction. Tries not to think about her predecessor.

Alicia Heiden (004.005)
Elysium Nun. Servant of Ylva. Former inquisitor. Prior to entering Ylva’s service, Alicia was a dedicated member of the Elysium’s Hypnos chapter. She distinguished herself through several campaigns for overwhelming ruthlessness against perceived enemies and was scouted for the internal affairs department. Like most in the Elysium Order, Alicia does not have much of a life outside her duties.

Riley Cole (002.003)
Elysium Sister. Member of Charon Chapter. Subordinate to Lynn Cross. Higher up in the chain of command than most sisters. Sister Cole is the leader of Charon Chapter in the absence of Sister Cross.

Olga Mable (001.021)
Elysium Sister. A member of the Charon Chapter of the Elysium Order. She is low ranking and one of the newest members of Charon.

Annie Reinhardt (E.006)
Elysium Sister. Augur for Elysium Headquarters. Enjoys drawing landscape scenery, especially mountains and trees.

Sasha Vlaus (E.006)
Elysium Sister. Augur for Elysium Headquarters. A glutton to the extreme, especially enjoys snacking on potatoes.

Sisters Goose, Horner, Piper, Botter, Peep, Griggs, Lamb (002.020)
Elysium Sisters. Members of Charon Chapter. Subordinates to Lynn Cross.

Family and other relations

Genoa Rivas (001.021)
Mother. Former mage-knight. A woman of amazonian proportions, Genoa is a fighter through and through. Though retired, she maintains an active lifestyle in the form of safaris with her husband, Carlos. She is the mother of Juliana.

Carlos Rivas (002.001)
Father. Magizoologist, regular zoologist. He writes articles for scientific publications, magical publications, and otherwise researches nonhuman creatures. He takes his wife on safaris to document and discover as many species as he can. More of a sensationalist than a scientist, his work is nonetheless well respected. Father of Juliana.

Erich Conti (006.016)
Brother of Juliana Rivas. Son of Genoa. Father unknown. Genoa gave birth to Erich in her twenties and wasn’t certain who the father was. Not wanting to ruin her career in the guild, he grew up mostly under the watchful eyes of a nanny. There is some lingering resentment towards Genoa for her abandonment. As soon as he graduated, he booked it, staying out of most family affairs. He does, however, maintain a decent if long-distance relationship with Juliana.

Sarah Lurcher (005.004)
Sister of Wayne Lurcher. Seven years younger than Wayne. Earth mage. Sarah went to school at the New York Magical Education Academy and Institute and graduated in 1997. Upon their parents’ untimely deaths at the hands of a rogue dragon, Sarah moved back into their family home. Sarah continued her parents’ job as a dragon handler, traveling outside the city to reach the reserve every day. She was unfortunately caught up in the events surrounding Lansing, Michigan on New Year’s Day in the year 2000.

Gabriella Mendoza (001.020)
Head of the group home Shalise lives in. She is a kindly woman who cares very much for her children.

Lisa, Cody, Tim (001.020)
Children who live in Gabriella Mendoza’s group home.

Edgar Spencer (001.002)
Eva’s father. Has ruined nearly every relationship in his life. Disowned by Eva who will not speak with him unless she needs to maintain appearances.


Sawyer (001.019)
Necromancer. Specializes in creating the horrors known as flesh golems. Rather than raise up the dead, he puts together working body parts from fresher corpses and keeps them ‘alive’ as one would a person. Likes to get his hands dirty.

Griffin Weilks (001.019)
Necromancer. An older man who is developing a fear of Death as his age progresses. He seeks a way to avoid such a fate. His necromantic specialization is in ghosts, though he is adept at raising standard zombies and skeletons. Despite flesh golem’s greater controllability and strength, he finds putting them together a chore.


Ylva (001.004)
Demon. A daughter of Hel. She is a servant of Death with her mother being considered one of the goddesses of Death. Proud but not arrogant. Eva managed to curry favor with her almost on accident. Gave Eva the black skull.

Praxtihr (004.003)
Demon. Cambion. Goes by Prax. His mother was a succubus and his father was another cambion. After fighting in a brief, failed war to take over the mortal realm for demon-kind, Prax found himself imprisoned for breaking the rule of assisting other demons to the mortal plane. While not directly responsible bringing others to the mortal plane, he was guilty by association. Harbors some small resentment against his former comrades and Void Himself.

Daroth [Daru] (003.018)
Demon. Morail. Security. Able to render himself completely invisible to the naked eye. Contracted by Martina Turner to provide protection for the students and staff of Brakket Academy. Had to be bullied into it somewhat by Zagan, but had no real objections to the assignment. He is excited about the prospect of assassination missions against Brakket’s enemies.

Lucy (003.018)
Demon. Axopodia. Security. A writhing mass of tentacles compressed into a human female form. It is in the mortal realm for the first time in its thirty millennia lifetime. Secretes various kinds of toxin at will. Individually, each tentacle is very weak. Grouping them together exponentially increases strength.

Maoa (004.003)
Demon. Major Succubus. A radical in Hell, she seeks to alter the status quo. Unfortunately, that goal is somewhat difficult to achieve from inside a cell. Prax’s dear mother.

Orgaz and Tzlip (004.003)
Demons. A pair of mildly unintelligent imps. They’re perfectly capable of speaking and understanding English, but choose not to use the language of ‘weak mortals’. Enslaved to Maoa.

Ivonis (001.011)
Demon. Haunter. Vicious demon that can move between any two spaces so long as their light level is low. Likes to toy with his prey, especially when they think they are safe in a lit area. He will find a way to remove the light source, usually by destroying power lines in a dark area such as between walls.

Keeper (001.025)
Demon. A monstrous entity that manages the punishment of those who knowingly broke the terms of their contract, both demon and mortal alike.

Agiel (002.013)
Demon. One of the seven intelligences. Like all of the intelligences, he is incredibly weak on his own. He judges whether a host is receptive and willing to gain his knowledge.

Vinoq (003.009)
Demon. Jezebeth. A demon of flame and falsehoods. Creates hyper-realistic illusions. In extreme cases, said illusions can actually affect reality.

Qrycx (003.009)
Demon. Carnivean. A demon of physical strength. She has a multitude of tentacles in place of hair. Each one has the strength to rend steel. Able to grant strength to summoners, though it causes growth and mutation to the point where the enhanced muscles will bulge out of the skin.

Willie (003.013)
Demon. Talkina. A demon of puppets and puppetry. The talkina that adopted the name of Willie is polite and well-spoken. A friend and companion to all those who summon it. It’s always looking for new puppets to add to its collection.

✸✄❃❐☻✖ (003.023)
Demon. You don’t want to know.

Kupti (003.023)
Demon. Abdoth. Lord of Slaves. Each abdoth possesses a legion of warriors to call upon for any task. Some are skilled in battle, others in dishwashing. Shaking his hand may add your skills to his repertoire.

Lonex (003.023)
Demon. Ruax. Apparently made from wax, ruax are physically weak demons. Making eye contact will deliver intense mental pain. At that point, it may not matter how weak they are.

Vektul (008.009)
Demon. Servant of Void. Never before summoned, he isn’t always sure of how to act around people. Or anything, for that matter. To Eva, he feels like nothing in particular. Just another demon.

Saija (008.010)
Demon. Succubus. Hasn’t ever been summoned before and is desperate to hide that fact. A relatively young demon, having been born only in the last few decades.

Srey (008.010)
Demon. Seer. Able to sense observers with hostile intent. Has only had one short-lived opportunity to visit the mortal realm. As such, he is relatively interested in it. Hates feeling like he is used only for his ability.

Demon Hunters

Clement (006.030)
Demon Hunter. A man in his late twenties. Having no propensity for magic, he built himself up to be the epitome of humanity’s physical prowess. Using enchanted weapons and armor provided by Gertrude, he hunts demons alongside her as effective as any mage.

Gertrude (006.030)
Demon Hunter. Some demon hunters had their family or loved ones murdered, spurring them to action. Others view them as a blight on Earth–a disease to be purged. Gertrude is in it purely for the thrill.


Arthfael (001.006)
Fae. A cait si, also known as a cait sith. A rotund cat the size of a rottweiler. Friendly with Eva and Devon, he possesses a passive healing field like all cait si.

Serena (005.002)
Vampire. Born Patricia Hardy. A mundane human turned to vampirism. Serena is a young vampire with a bright and bubbly personality, considering the usual disposition of her kindred. She appears to be sixteen, and will continue to appear as such forever more.

Kuvon (007.011)
Vampire. Self-styled lord of a small community of vampires. He enjoys a relatively peaceful life, preferring to spend his time engaged in acts of depravity without drawing attention to himself.

Simon T. Jones (006.013)
Child. With mere days left to live and a do-not-resuscitate order signed, Simon was kidnapped by Devon to be a fresh test subject in the hopes that Devon’s treatment could save his life. Hopes do not always pan out.

Wallace Redford (008.001)
Leader of the Guild. Also known as Wally. Mostly a man of the office these days. In his prime, Wally Redford was one of the most renowned bounty hunters that the Guild had to offer. As his reputation grew, so did his prices. He eventually forced himself into retirement when nobody was willing to pay for him to be the one to complete their jobs.


Void (001.003)(mentioned)
Power. The original creator of beings known as demons and supreme Power of Hell. He is one of the most active Powers and frequently meddles in the mortal realm. His meddlings can be as subtle as dropping a tome of demon summoning on a poor boy’s lap to something as large as ‘accidentally’ leaving the gates of Hell open.

Corrupter (001.003)(mentioned)
Power. Creator of the volve and supreme Power of The Corruption. It is a sympathetic Power and another meddler of the mortal realm. Unfortunately for most mortals, It fails to comprehend the desires, morality, and motivation of those It attempts to help.

Death (001.003)(mentioned)
Power. Supreme Power of Necropolis. Despite His poor depictions in media, Death is passive and apathetic. The only thing that really grinds His gears is souls attempting to seal themselves from His grasp. Unlike most other Powers, death has not created any species of beings.

Chance (004.003)(mentioned)
Power. Also known as Luck or Fortuna. She is the creator of leprechauns and supreme Power of Knocknasheega. She has withdrawn Herself from the mortal plane almost entirely; for most mortals, the moment they find themselves with a bout of good fortune, they immediately forget Her, claiming the glory for themselves.

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