Alyssa’s List of Spells

Author’s Note: Please be aware that this page will likely contain spoilers up to the latest chapter in the main story.

Extra Note: If I’ve missed any named spells that are from the previous arc (relative to whatever the current arc is), please let me know! There are a lot and some might slip through the cracks.


This is a list of every spell I’ve come across. I’ve organized things in a loose-leaf binder, so I’ll be able to move things around if I need to. For now, I’m going to organize spells by their rank, it seems like a good way to divide things. If I don’t know the rank, they’ll be in a miscellaneous section at the bottom.

The spells will be in the following format. I have left room in case I need to add things.

Spell Name

Effect: A simple description of what the spell does.

Card Description: Each card has a geometric pattern on it along with angelic runes. Since every card has runes, I will be omitting that from the descriptions unless there is something notable about them.

Rank: Applies only to specialization spells as the others are already sorted by rank.

Alyssa’s Notes: These are my notes after all!

Rank Zero

The Basic of the Basics


Effect: Creates a small orb of light that hangs around the caster, illuminating the local area. Can float through the air a short distance away from the caster to light up further away. Doesn’t create any heat.

Card Description: A simple wheel-like shape with an outer ring, an inner ring, and spokes stretching from the center point through the inner ring to the outer ring.

Alyssa’s Notes: The first spell taught to any aspiring arcanist.


Effect: Creates a small flame no bigger than that of a candle’s at the tip of the caster’s fingers. Acts just like a lighter flame, though it doesn’t burn despite it’s proximity to skin.

Card Description: Four triangles, two side by side and two across from those two, their corners touching. All set inside a circle which connects with the spare corner of each triangle.

Alyssa’s Notes: Handy for lighting fires and that’s it. Doesn’t create enough light to use as a… well, light.


Effect: Cools, creating a nice respite from the heat of the day.

Card Description: Two diamonds overlapping each other. Three wavy lines connect the lower left side of the left diamond to the upper right of its pair.

Alyssa’s Notes: Something about the symbol reminds me of an air conditioning logo. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!


Effect: Warms, creating a nice refuge from the cold of night.

Card Description: A single circle occupying most of the card. Nine smaller triangles are set periodically around the larger circle, drawn with their center on the circle’s line.

Alyssa’s Notes: Nights get cold on this world, or maybe just in this section of the world. Not surprising that the locals created a spell to ward off that cold.

Rank One

Laziness Rewarded


Effect: Sends a single verbal message to a single recipient.

Card Description: A square with a cross in it going from corner to corner. A smaller cross, this one aligned up-and-down, is set right in the center with its ends reaching only a fourth of the way to the walls of the square.

Alyssa’s Notes: Not actually useful for any extended conversation. Each card can only send one message and the recipient can’t return a message without a card of their own. Trying to use it like a telephone would require a stack of cards on either end. It’s more like sending a person to deliver a message than a phone.


Effect: Mimics a mortar and pestle, though without the mortar and pestle.

Card Description: A half-circle set inside a larger circle. The half-circle has several leaf-like shapes filling it in. A single line stretches from the top of the large circle to the middle of the flat side of the half-circle.

Alyssa’s Notes: Put wheat in a bowl, cast a spell, get a bit of flour without all the hard work. Can’t be used on harder materials like rocks. I’m not sure how big the area it can affect is. If I got a big vat filled with things to be ground up, could it do the entire thing all at once? If not, there are probably higher ranked spells that do it.

Rank Two

Fantastical Tech


Effect: A ball of fire flies away from the caster in a straight line. It burns and knocks back away whatever it hits. If it hits something flammable, it might also catch on fire.

Card Description: Four triangles, much like the Flame spell, except this time, the circle is smaller and crosses through the ends of the triangles. There are far more angelic runes scrawled around the shape on this compared to Flame.

Alyssa’s Notes: What wizard can’t cast a fireball? Gandalf. That’s who. That guy only casts like three spells across four books. Fireworks don’t count.

Nullify Fire

Effect: Makes the caster safe from heat and flames. He won’t be burned or even become uncomfortable because of the fire.

Card Description: A single small triangle with a three circles around it, each larger than the last.

Alyssa’s Notes: Apparently Fireball isn’t used all that much. And it’s because of this. But that doesn’t make any sense. If nobody uses Fireball, then nobody is Nullifying Fire because there is no reason to. Which means that Fireball is actually a great spell to use! Haha, I’m such a genius, I hope nobody else figures that out.

Alyssa’s Extra Notes: Two things. First, don’t know if there is an upper limit to this spell. Could someone fall into a volcano and come out just fine? Or does a volcano not count as fire and therefore would burn them anyway. Secondly, triangles seem to be a theme with fire spells, though I have seen triangles used elsewhere so they aren’t solely fire-related.

Rank Three

Is This Just Fantasy?


Effect: Lets the caster fly.

Card Description: A circle with two ellipses inside, one touching the top and bottom of the circle—aligned with the card—and one touching the sides. The ‘corners’ or the circle, between the ellipses, have several lines extending beyond the circles that stretch out almost to the edges of the card before twisting in on themselves coming back in. Each end of the twisting loop had a symbol inside. Not like the angelic runes, which are fairly bulky, but lithe curls almost reminiscent of Arabic.

Alyssa’s Notes: It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Arcanist Man! Sounds fun and useful, but I’ve been too afraid to try it. There are so many things that could go wrong. What if I can’t control it and keep going up and up, only for the spell to time out and I come crashing back to the ground at terminal velocity! What if I’m just flying about in perfect control and the spell times out! What if I go too high and pass out! What if what if what if! I don’t really like heights. Maybe I can find a spell that’s just Hover: Never go higher than a foot off the ground.


Effect: Sends a wave of… energy? out from the card. Forces a target onto their hands and knees if they are struck by the wave.

Card Description: An equilateral cross going from corner to corner. Designs around the cross make it appear to be on fire, originating from the very center.

Rank: Three.

Alyssa’s Notes: A law enforcement spell. It forces the target to their hands and knees, allowing free apprehension. With it being such a low rank, its easy to arm on even those who don’t consider themselves to have much potential as an arcanist.


What happens after death? I know.

Spectral Sight

Effect: Lets the caster see soul states, a visual manifestation of a person’s soul indicating health and maybe more about the targets.

Card Description: A continuous spiral, sliced in two with both halves offset, contained within a half-circle. Angelic runes follow the spiral down, growing smaller and smaller as they get closer to the center point.

Rank: Three.

Alyssa’s Notes: A strange spell. Apparently it works differently for every caster. For me, I saw animals following people around, floating just over their shoulder. Some were large, some were small. There were bears, rats, cats, dogs, zebra, and even a dragon. I honestly have no idea what it all means, though more downtrodden people tended to have smaller animals—size wise, I saw a pig the size of a rhino, so the animal’s individual size doesn’t matter. Also, it shouldn’t be used in general public. There are laws against it, though I managed to walk around with the spell active for a full afternoon without any repercussions or, in fact, anyone noticing.

Spectral Chains

Effect: Ties up the target in ghostly chains with one end of the chain leading back to the caster’s hands.

Card Description: Two spirals, both in opposite directions and connected at the mid-point with the end of one being the start of the other. All of which is contained within a closed half-circle. It almost looks like a skull with the spirals as eyes.

Rank: Four.

Alyssa’s Notes: Not a fun spell to be on the receiving end of. It really doesn’t allow much room for movement at all. If you ever need to escape, just remember, once they let go of the chains, the chains around you disappear. Or so it seems from the one time I had it used on me.


Effect: Binds a target to a verbally agreed upon promise. If the target breaks that promise, they die.

Card Description: Spiraling lines surrounding a central over-wide pillar, looking somewhat like loopy chains hanging off.

Rank: Three.

Alyssa’s Notes: This spell requires the caster to state a task or agreement and the target must agree to it. So asking someone to jump as high as the moon would not work all that well, though possible to be agreed to if the target is foolish enough. It creates a black ring of smoke around the target’s neck while the spell is in effect, making clear to anyone who sees them that they are under some form of compulsion. Kind of a nasty spell, but there are probably worse. Just don’t agree to anything you don’t want to do, I suppose.

Desecrate Spells

Effect: Violently rends magic from an area.

Card Description: One long spiral that starts out smooth. It turns jagged the further away from the center. The spiral is stretched along one axis while squashed along another, making it almost look like the grin of a Jack-o-Lantern.

Rank: Four.

Alyssa’s Notes: This spell is nasty. But also potentially extremely useful.  All magic is shut down entirely within the range of casting. Spells affecting people will be torn off with a pound of flesh taken with. Even potions are affected, leading to jars exploding and such. I encountered a spell that reflected my bullets back at me. This spell could shut that down instantly, allowing me use of my guns without fear of hitting myself.

Rigor Mortis

Effect: Breaks any bone of a target that moves significantly from the position it was in when the spell was cast.

Card Description: Six lines, arranged from the top of the card in the pattern of a single line, two parallel lines, a single line, then another two parallel ones. A jagged spiral weaves between each of the lines, separating them.

Rank: Five.

Alyssa’s Notes: A spell created for torture and execution, according to Irulon. A very showy public execution. Those to be made an example of would be set up in some public forum and told that, should they survive until nightfall, they would be allowed free. Smarter people turned their heads to the side, snapping their necks instantly. The more foolish would try to remain perfectly still, only to suffer from a chain reaction when they failed to keep still and instincts to jerk back kicked in. According to Irulon, only two people had survived from noon until nightfall in the three hundred years since the spell’s creation. Most serious crimes are apparently punished with exile south of the Fortress of Pandora, so those put under this spell must have done something heinous.

Spectral Axe

Effect: Manifest a scythe that rends souls from whatever it touches.

Card Description: Three rounded skulls made from angelic runes cross at the eyes. So while there are three complete skulls, there are only four distinct eye sockets. Patterns of lines form into crosses that run behind the runes, moving between individual characters where necessary to avoid crossing a character directly. It almost looks like a distorted Jolly Roger.

Rank: Four.

Alyssa’s Notes: This spell kills whatever it comes into contact with. The scythe doesn’t harm the physical body, but it tears the soul out, leaving it in a wispy form. Quite horrific. I’m not sure what a defense would be. Maybe there is a shield. Maybe avoidance is the only defense. Looking into that is a high priority now.


Manipulating the physical world!

Draw Water

Effect: Pulls a stream of water from one body to a container or second body.

Card Description: Three oblong diamonds, two oriented horizontally side by side with the third shifted vertically between the two. A circle runs through the center point of all three.

Rank: Two, oddly enough. It is the lowest ranked specialized spell I’ve encountered.

Alyssa’s Notes: This spell, despite being only Rank Two, is fascinating and requires testing. Does it draw only water? What if there are things in the water such as fish, dirt, or even bacteria? It could be one of the most important spells ever if it truly only grabs water!

Shorten Distance

Effect: Makes one point closer to another point. As in, a single step could let you cross a whole room.

Card Description: One horizontal line with several vertical lines falling from it, each of varying lengths. All of which is wrapped up in a circle.

Rank: Three.

Alyssa’s Notes: Thinking about this one hurts my head. It’s low ranked for such a mind boggling effect, but then again, it seems to only work over small distances, such as a single room.

Lighten Load

Effect: Temporarily decreases the weight of an object.

Card Description: A single vertical line with two arms stretching out at a downward angle before they bend back in. The three lines terminate just before a small circle containing a rune. It looks kind of like an arcade claw machine grabbing a marble!

Rank: Three.

Alyssa’s Notes: This could be a lifesaver! I’ve been carrying my backpack everywhere and it is heavy. I mean, I’m strong, but ugh.

Disguise Object

Effect: Makes one thing look like something else without losing the function of the first.

Card Description: A star made with three open-ended triangles? It’s the best way I can describe it. The center triangle, forming the top point of the star and its two legs, is larger than the other two, extending outside the circle its all drawn within. A simple drawing of an eye sits in the very center.

Rank: Four.

Alyssa’s Notes: Nobody seems to know what guns are, but if they figured out, this could be handy to carry them around without people knowing. Imagine someone’s surprise when they’re shot by a water bottle. Of course, it’s probably a bad idea. I’d end up shooting myself while trying to take a drink.

Projectile Reflection

Effect: Creates an invisible barrier that reflects any projectile coming into contact with it, protecting the target or caster from arrows and… yes… bullets.

Card Description: A circle around a line, looking like a computer’s on-off button. A series of triangles with their corners alternating between pointing inward and pointing outward surround the circle.

Rank: Four.

Alyssa’s Notes: The biggest and most troublesome spell I’ve come across I think. It completely nullifies my guns. Because the barrier doesn’t have any obvious tells, I could easily wind up shooting myself by firing at the wrong target.


Is Something Burning?

Immolating Gloves

Effect: The target of the spell winds up with their hands engulfed in flames, brief but intense, generally forcing them to drop whatever they might be holding.

Card Description: A pentagram with five triangles intersecting on the sides, connected at a single point in the center, making it appear as if an angled hand was mid-grasp.

Rank: Three.

Alyssa’s Notes: The description of this spell’s effect is remarkably simple and straightforward. The fire is real, not illusory or anything similar. It scaled my hand to the point where my skin was blackened and cracking. Not a very pleasant effect. As a side note: Bee oil is remarkably adept at treating burns.

All Shall Burn

Effect: A narrow beam of fire.

Card Description: Circle inside a square inside a circle, inside a square. The squares were forty-five degrees off at a different angle.

Rank: Four.

Alyssa’s Notes: A beam of fire. The flames do burn, as the spell’s name implies, both as they pass through the air and when they hit whatever they were aimed at.


Shall I have Snotty beam you down?


Effect: The caster sets a location that they can return to at a later date.

Card Description: A two-part spell. It actually has two symbols that need to be drawn.

Set card: The most complicated sigil I have seen. Odd as well in that it isn’t actually a card, you draw it on the ground at the intended location to return to. It starts with an outer ring, then an inner ring. The space between the two is divided up into thirty-nine spaces, each with a different angelic rune. Inside the inner ring, a double square—offset to make it look like an eight point star with sixteen outer sides—is divided up with more runes in the compartments. Followed by another set of rings. Those rings contain a triangle. There is more to it than that, but I don’t think I could ever adequately describe it well enough to recreate from words alone.

Recall Card: Remarkably simple in comparison to the above. It uses the same two rings with thirty-nine runes along the edge, but rather than all the complicated nonsense in the middle, three arrows point outward. The arrows are bulky and stylized with the tips extending beyond the outer ring’s edge.

Rank: Five.

Alyssa’s Notes: This could be it! A way to get between Lyria and my house. Or at least, I had hoped so. I mentioned it in passing to Irulon while she was teaching me how to draw spell cards. Unfortunately, it has some drawbacks. The first and most obvious of which is that you have to draw it out on the floor. The second is that it doesn’t last forever. The set card requires a charge, using a drop of blood no less, that keeps it active for twenty-four hours. If you try to recall outside those twenty-four hours, or if the circle is damaged by someone trodding on it, the caster generally experiences something Irulon called “Multi-world Existence Failure” which… doesn’t sound too pleasant. If I desperately need to travel between Lyria and my home, I’ll investigate other options before coming back to this one.


Mirror mirror, on the wall, who is the insanest of them all?

Fractal Mirror

Effect: Shards of glass surround the caster, each displaying a possible action the caster could take within the next sixty seconds. And then, by touching a shard, the spell ‘forces the world to comply’ with the chosen future. Whatever that means.

Card Description: Triangles within triangles within triangles within… The impossibility of how deep the triangles go makes my head hurt when remembering the pattern. There was limited space on a two-dimensional card, but somehow, the spell’s pattern seemed like it would continue for eternity. I doubt I could replicate it if my life depended on it.

Rank: Six. (The first Rank Six spell I have come across)

Alyssa’s Notes: I don’t like this spell. I don’t like it at all. I was excited when I first saw it used, thinking it to be some sort of teleportation spell. Oh how wrong I was. I saw everything. Every possible little thing that I could ever conceive of doing. Even slight variations on the same thing. Every one burned into my brain. I can still picture them clear as day. In one, I might sit perfectly still. Okay. Fine. In another, I might grab my fingers and start breaking them one by one. Why would I do that? According to the spell’s description, simply because it was possible to do. I don’t like this spell.

Empty Mirror

Effect: Wraps a shroud of glass around a person or object, showing any observers what the world would be should the enshrouded person not exist. A functional invisibility cloak.

Card Description: Triangles inside triangles again, though far more comprehensible than Fractal Mirror. A looping line seems to connect every corner of the triangles together, wrapping the whole thing in a twisted circle.

Rank: Four.

Alyssa’s Notes: Invisibility. It’s pretty handy. I can reach out of the shroud briefly to interact with the world without the spell breaking. I imagine loud noises could also escape from the shroud, though I never actually tested that aspect. Doesn’t scare me on an existential level like Fractal Mirror, so that’s an added benefit.

Empty Vessel

Effect: Creates a large bubble of glass around a person or object, showing any observers what the world would be should the enshrouded person not exist. A functional invisibility cloak.

Card Description: Triangles inside triangles again, though far more comprehensible than Fractal Mirror. A looping line seems to connect every corner of the triangles together, wrapping the whole thing in a smoothed circle.

Rank: Six.

Alyssa’s Notes: Invisibility. On a large scale. This spell is functionally identical to Empty Mirror except that it can cloak a few people all at once in a rather large bubble.

Infinite Regress

Effect: Enter into a mirror world where it is possible to effectively play out simulations of what would happen should certain actions be taken. Despite the spell’s title, it seems to be limited to three simulations per spell.

Card Description: Two parallelograms make up the base of the spell card. One is a mirror of the other, including its contents of jagged lines and angelic runes. Even the mirrored runes are reversed.

Rank: Five.

Alyssa’s Notes: I like the theory of this spell. Were I at a crossroads, I could easily discover which path held danger and which path was safe. However, it is not without drawbacks. If I get disemboweled while under the effects of this spell, I feel everything and that feeling stays with me even when cancelling a simulation. In cancelling a simulation, my intestines wouldn’t be spilling out anymore, so the pain does recede quickly. But that doesn’t make it any more pleasant.

However, I had a strange reaction to this spell wherein a simulation aborted on its own, throwing me back into the real world completely unprepared. It almost resulted in my death. If I ever cast this spell again, I will be taking great pains to be cautious in my usage.

Unnamed Fractal Spell (Fractal Vision?)

Effect: Shards of glass surround the caster, each showing a vision of something the target of the spell interacted with recently. Tapping a shard of glass teleports the caster to the thing shown in the shard (a possibly unintentional effect).

Card Description: Like Fractal Mirror, which this spell is based on, the diagram includes a cascade of triangles. The biggest change is with the angelic runes, which I’ve not been describing much because they’re way too complicated.

Rank: Six.

Alyssa’s Notes: Irulon’s clones made this spell on the fly to fill a need. They said that it wouldn’t teleport me anywhere. It did. I was… unhappy with that. I still don’t know if it was intentional or not. Or even if someone else casting the spell would have been teleported. It could have been an error in the creation or something weird with how I interact with magic.

Reality Sliver

Effect: Removes a small section of the world from… the world. It effectively creates an impassible barrier. If used over a doorway, nothing can get through until the spell is cancelled.

Card Description: A single circle split into a hundred diamonds. Not every diamond is the same size. The ones toward the top and bottom of the circle are squashed while the ones at the sides are narrow, making it look like the diamonds are wrapped around a sphere.

Rank: Five.

Alyssa’s Notes: Quite a simple spell for Fractal magic. At least, the effect is simple. What it actually does to the world is probably anything but. Still, if in need of holding out in a room, sealing off the entrances with this spell would work perfectly. Of course, it does have the drawback that you don’t know what is going on outside the barrier. A second spell can rectify that issue, however, and even get out of the sealed room if it has a teleportation component.


Raw Magic given form

Suppress Magic

Effect: Temporarily squelches all magic in an area, powering down any active spells or magical phenomena for the duration.

Card Description: A circle surrounded by many angelic runes. Within the circle, an angled line nearly connects the circle’s walls. Six lines intersect the angled one, all remaining parallel to one another. From the top intersecting line, a long curl swoops around one side of the figure.

Rank: Three.

Alyssa’s Notes: This spell is much like Desecrate Spells, except far less destructive. It is also temporary. When cast near a light potion, the potion merely dims then turns off, resembling a light switch more than anything. Desecrate Spells, used in the vicinity of a light potion, will destroy the magic and the potion’s container, like shattering a light bulb. Of course, since it is only temporary, Desecrate Spells might be better to use on anyone with a Projectile Reflection spell active, or similar spells. Still, it is a good spell to keep in mind.

Disintegration Ray

Effect: A purplish black beam of sweeping light that destroys whatever it hits.

Card Description: Three circles touching one another at the edges, each with several circles and squares suspended within by thin lines.

Rank: Five.

Alyssa’s Notes: I like spells that do exactly what their names imply they’ll do. The stupid Fractal spells don’t make any sense at all. Disintegration Ray? It’s right there in the name. Though I’m a little confused on the difference between rays and beams!


Effect: Destruction of matter within a narrow beam.

Card Description: An eye of providence with eight arrows pointing away to a symbol. The symbols are, clockwise from the top right, a sun, a tree, a skull, flames, an ankh, a crescent moon, a pentagram, and wavy circles. Each symbol is accompanied by angelic text.

Rank: Five.

Alyssa’s Notes: Narrow beam doesn’t seem to apply when I cast it. I accidentally destroyed a hillside… Oops? This should probably go in my general notes, but I’ve noticed a trend. It seems like higher ranked, four and up, are more likely to have aberrant affects when I cast them than lower ranked spells. I’ve never had a simple Light or Flame blow up a house on me.


Tick-tock. The mouse ran up the clock.


Effect: Curse an area with twisting timelines, forcing anyone or anything to randomly retreat backward and jump forward in time for a short duration.

Card Description: Ten notches around a circle, though they only go from the twelve o’clock position to the nine o’clock. The remaining portion of the circle is drawn inward into a spiral.

Rank: Four.

Alyssa’s Notes: And I thought Fractal magic was bad. Irulon told me that her father specializes in Time magic. Now I know where she gets it from.


Effect: Accelerates the user’s presence in time, allowing them to act as if the rest of the world had been brought to a standstill. Super-speed, in a sense.

Card Description: A mess of disorganized lines and symbols, complex enough to cause headaches.

Rank: Six.

Alyssa’s Notes: I haven’t actually used this one yet, but I did snap a picture of one. If I can manage the headache of looking at it long enough to copy it down, it seems like it could easily be one of the best spells in my library. Unless it is like that one movie from 2002 and accelerates my aging as well, in which case it might actually be a terrible spell. The Pharaoh probably has another spell to counteract any possible aging effects… I wish I had a full scan of his spell tome.


A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste


Effect: Enhances all five senses of the caster, causing faint and distant sounds to appear as thunder, night to be day, brushes against skin to be heavy punches, faint smells to become putrid, and subtle flavors to overpower.

Card Description: A spike piercing two crescent moons.

Rank: Four.

Alyssa’s Notes: It’s too much, which is too bad. Trying to walk with this spell active feels like an earthquake. I could hear every conversation happening nearby, but cannot make out individual words without extreme focus. A gentle breeze feels like falling into a pit of needles. Besides that, there are apparently long-term detrimental effects related to overusing sensory enhancement spells. It could be a good spell in very specific situations, but those situations are probably too few and far between to make it worth creating more than one or two of these cards.

Night Vision

Effect: A spell that adds a global light source to the arcanist’s vision, removing shadows and night almost completely.

Card Description: A geometric symbol that almost looks like a glowering owl’s head… if you squint.

Rank: Four.

Alyssa’s Notes: An extremely useful spell! Perfect for any kind of low-light situation. It apparently has some long-term detrimental effects on vision if overused though, so I probably should use a simple Light spell in most cases.

4 replies on “Alyssa’s List of Spells

  1. You know, Grind is a relatively powerful spell. If you use it by targeting some vital part of the body that is not as hard as rock, type the brain or most parts of the human body, you have a great chance of killing the target with a spell rank one.
    A curiosity about brains, they have no nociceptors (aka the nerves in charge of transmitting the pain). Although all things around the brain (bones, meninges and scalp) have.

  2. That Draw Water spell really is a bit vague.
    If it draws “Only Water”, does it mean distilled H2O? Drinking THAT has some possible nasty side effects.
    If not, what would the spell take in addition?
    Is a living (or even dead) body considered a container? That’s a great way to make mummies for Halloween!

  3. “In another, I might grab my fingers and start breaking them one by one. Why would I do that? According to the spell’s description, simply because it was possible to do.”

    “Even slight variations on the same thing. Every one burned into my brain. ”

    So, does she has a great many times of 60 seconds making out with the princess burned into her brain? Or doing “solo acts” in front of her? Or…
    Yeah, I guess I know why she doesn’t like the spell

    1. Irulon does not seem very receptive to such displays of… “affection”, not at the time that Alyssa casted fractal mirror, and not when coming from Alyssa.
      Then I think, unless in one of the timelines Alyssa stumbles on the cheat code to into Irulon’s pants, Alyssa has a lot of “TRYING making out with the princess” burned into her brain, but very, VERY few “actually making out with the princess”.
      On a similar note, I think Alyssa has seen more ways in which Irulon can kill her than ways she can making out with her.

      In another hand, I do not think Irulon would stop Alyssa if she performs any… “solo act”. As long as it did not involve Irulon’s physical participation, at least.

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